Barrett’s Esophagus


Barrett’s Esophagus

Gastroenterology Associates of Beverly Hills’ experts can diagnose and treat Barrett’s esophagus. We utilize a multidisciplinary team approach to your healthcare, which means that patients benefit from the combined expertise of physicians who have the knowledge, perspective and experience to address all aspects of your complete gastroenterological care.

Changes in the tissue structure at the lower part of esophagus is called Barrett’s esophagus. Usually it happens at the junction of the esophagus and stomach, and is usually due to continuous acid reflux. The tissue structure of the esophagus is not as resistant to acid as is the stomach tissue. Patients who are diagnosed with continuous acid reflux may have stomach acid that also comes up to the esophagus, which changes the esophageal tissue. This change of tissue is the introduction of a malignancy; thus the reason that Barrett’s esophagus is known as a pre-cancerous condition. It is extremely important to have proper treatment and care as soon as a diagnosis of Barrett’s esophagus is made. Diagnosis can be made with an endoscopy procedure whereby the gastroenterologist can visibly see the damage.

Gastroenterology Associates offer the most advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments for a wide variety of gastroenterological conditions, including Barrett’s esophagus.  We also offer a full range of diagnostic procedures, as well as medical, surgical and minimally invasive treatment options to meet the individual needs of patients with gastroenterological conditions of any kind.  Contact us if you are experiencing gastrointestinal issues that have not yet been addressed by our physicians.


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