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No food for eight (8) hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

You may drink clear liquids up to two (4) hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Clear liquids are black coffee (no milk or cream), plain tea (no milk or cream), soft drinks, sports drinks (i.e. Gatorade), strained fruit juices (no pulp), bouillon, broths/ popsicles, and Jell-O and water.

You can take medications with a sip of water.

What to do with your daily medications before your endoscopy:

If you take any “blood thinners” such as Coumadin, Warfarin, Prasugrel or Plavix you must consult with your cardiologist or primary care physician BEFORE discontinuing these medications as instructed below. This is extremely important, especially if you take any of these medications for treatment of heart disease or stroke. If your primary care physician has instructed to continue any of these medications, you must advise GABH on the day of your procedure.

7 days before your procedure:

  • Stop Plavix (clopidigrel) unless otherwise instructed (see above).

3 days before procedure:

  • Stop Coumadin (warfarin) unless otherwise instructed (see above).
  • Stop any iron supplements.

* Avoidance of “blood thinners” is designed to minimize the risk of serious bleeding if a polyp is removed

Call your prescribing physician if you have questions about what to do with other medications during the preparation period. Otherwise, take your daily medications with a sip of water the morning of your procedure.


You have been provided with detailed instructions. Please read the directions carefully. Following these instructions will help us to accomplish a safe and effective examination.

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